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Using submodules in Git


n Drupal and all other frameworks it is likely to use sub modules. I spent several hours to use submodules in git. I was unable to find an easier way to pull all sub modules. There are dozens of articles on google and stackoverflow, but non works as expected.

In this article I will explain the process and a simple script to use with git sub modules and save you a lot of time.

  1. Copy .gitmodules from root to directory `web/modules/custom`
  2. Run inside custom/ 
    cat .gitmodules | grep url | cut -d'=' -f2 | xargs -n1 git submodule add


Problem Solving


e daily solve our problems by going & consulting an expert of that domain area. For example we go to a doctor if we get sick. The doctor solve our problem (illness) by doing a series of tasks. The first task is to understand the illness and to do so the doctor takes several laboratory tests and other methods to understand your disease correctly; this process is usually called diagnosis. Once the illness is diagnosed/understood from the reports of laboratory tests, the doctor is then able to give you the precise medicines, and this process is called treatment.

Like wise we solve software problems also. According to some studies the process of any research is actually derived from medical research.  In the world of simplicity medical diagnosis uses different techniques & tools to understand the problem. Therefore taking this analogy into consideration there should be a concrete technique in software development to understand the problem correctly.

To the best of our knowledge these techniques & tools have not been described in any software engineering literature. Although there exists different methodologies (SCRUM. SAFE, Spotify etc) which focus on how to manage the different work units and may be add some reporting on top of  it to track the performance.

We don't understand the software problem in terms of any thing, we just write specifications or user stories; but is there any formal practice in any methodology in vogue that could be used to diagnose the problem. After taking the user requirements it is divided into bunches of work where every body try to solve it without really understanding it. In other words we simply convert business logic or requirements into software code. 

There is not really any tools where we can measure and identify the software problems and then provide some remedy. Let suppose a senior doctor asks a junior doctor about the reports of the patient, the junior doctor will perhaps tel about a severe temperature. But how does the senior doctor believe him, as he may do a mistake; well from the reports ( readings ). Here we simply focus on concrete measurements that could really define a problem. At one place the problem is defined by patient e.g he says severe headache or other pain but these are only symptoms which should be put in scientific tools to determine it correctly.

Let comes to the point of software development, the problem is usually defined by your client but defining & understanding it ( technically ) are different things. When we write use stories or requirements specifications, after that the real process of understanding and analyzing starts. Here we need those tools & techniques that are used in Doctors analogy. 

In this article we will provide some concrete tools which copewith these problems in the software world.


How to


ow to do something in a neater and smarter way is ideal for professional development. In programming one problem can be solved in many ways but using the better & recommended way is an asset to know about.

In this section we will show how to do the most important and useful tasks in Drupal development. These approaches are gathered from open source community and Drupal core.

  • Alter existing route

Git commands


it is an important part of any software development. In this section we are presenting some commands that are used commonly.

The following is a list of commands you often need.

  • Git remove a committed file



esign is an art and front end design is not an exception.

We discuss several aspects of design especially using themes in the article.