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nightmare comes true. I google around for a couple of hours to move my running Redmine installation from one server to a new one. There were many suggestions on the google but none worked for me as those were either out dated or incomplete.

In this article we will backup a running Redmine installations with docker-compose from one host to another. As this is more a generic way of backup & restoring docker images it might work for other applications using docker containers. However this approach has been tested for Redmine with Ubuntu servers ( v18.04, v22.04) only.


  • You need to backup two things: the container and its volume data
  • Backing up container as new image
  • docker-compose ps
    docker commit redmine_redmine_1, will give a hash, use it below
    docker tag 818d074ec46f29ec0c9e2093ab57b0f redminee:v1
    docker images
    docker-compose ps
    docker commit redmine_postgres_1
    docker tag e90f7736dfb316338abc8621296ac448ac postgresee:v1
    docker images
    docker save redminee:v1 -o redminee.tar
    docker save postgresee:v1 -o postgresee.tar
  • Backing up volume data
  • Find out location of volume: docker inspect redmine*redmine-data, syntax: <directory>_<volume_in_compose_file>
  • sudo -i
    tar cvf redmine_redmine-data.tar redmine_redmine-data/
    tar cvf redmine_redmine-postgres-data.tar redmine_redmine-postgres-data/



  • Restoring volume data
  • sudo -i
    cd /var/lib/docker/volumes/
    tar xvf redmine_redmine-data.tar
    tar xvf redmine_redmine-postgres-data.tar
    chown systemd-coredump:systemd-coredump redmine_redmine-* -Rf
  • Restoring images
  • docker images, no image exists with the same name
    docker load < redminee.tar
    docker load < postgresee.tar
    docker images



  • Change docker compose file to use images
    • postgresee:v1
    • redminee:v1
  • Start